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Community Bank and Bill Jameson Visit Room 193

We had a great visit from the Community Bank last week. They added on to the discussion we had with Mr. Shpaner about making smart decisions with our money. They talked about needs and wants, comparison purchases and analyzing advertisements as well as other topics. It was very informative!

We also had a wonderful visit from author and storyteller Bill Jameson. Bill is our former principal, Mrs. Benay’s brother. He came to talk about creating his first book Princess Aila and the Unicorns. It was amazing to listen to the story and hear about the process he uses while writing. Please be sure to ask your kiddos about these fantastic activities.


Yesterday Mr. Shpaner visited to teach about banking and money!  The kids learned about wants and needs.  Mr. Shpaner talked about spending money on needs such as food, shelter, and medicine, opposed to spending it on toys and video games.  The kids had a great time listening and learning.  Thanks Mr. Shpaner for coming in!

Classroom Update

My two solo weeks went really well!  These are some pictures from our favorite STEM activity making and racing cars.

Shelburne Farms

We had an amazing field trip to Shelburne Farms where we learned about Vermont animals in winter. Students loved spending time exploring in the woods,  discovering and following animal tracks. It was an incredible day!

Bowling and Spirit Week

Students have been working hard to follow classroom and school rules. They have been rewarded with fun PBIS celebrations!


Social Studies and Science Exploration!

Students have enjoyed exploring and  learning  about mapping, Native Americans, Solar System, Magnets and a variety of STEM activities!


catching up

Hi Families,

I’ve been taking pictures for months and completely forgot to update the blog.  OOPS! Hopefully you enjoy catching up on the last few months. We’ve had a lot of fun in room 193!


Room 193 kiddos participate in MBS Assemblies 


Our class did an amazing job organizing our UNICEF drive this year. Students made posters, labeled,  organized boxes  and delivered them to  each classroom.  Students  practiced a script and visited every classroom in the school to encourage students to participate in Trick or Treat for UNICEF.  We then organized all of the change by grade level and put the bills in order so that the bank could easily count them. I was so proud of all of their hard work! Fifth graders raised$345.44, fourth graders raised $550.01 and third graders raised $908.66 for a total donation of $1804.11 our biggest donation EVER! I am so thankful for our wonderful community!

Happy Halloween!

We had an incredible day today! We started with skittles math. Students came up with questions they had about a bag of skittles. We then sorted, counted and graphed what we saw before we ate them!  We solved some Halloween word problems in math and then explored skittles for a fun science experiment. Students made observations and recorded their findings in their science notebooks. They loved it so much that we are going to try a few other experiments tomorrow. Later in the day I  read  spooky/silly stories and then students read about the history of Halloween. We ended the day learning about spiders and how they move in order to get food. Students created their own orb weaver, crab or jumping spiders to see how they move. Be sure to ask your child about our fun day of learning!

Mazza’s Pumpkin Patch

We had an incredible trip to the pumpkin patch on Monday! We had a lovely walk from school to the pumpkin patch. We then enjoyed a tractor ride, students picked their pumpkins and had a special treat. After our donut and cider, students had some time to feed the animals and play on the playground before we walked back to school. It was a great way to start the week. Later that afternoon, we weighed and measured our pumpkins and spent some time writing a huge list of adjectives to describe our pumpkins. We will now use that list to write pumpkin poetry and do some scientific writing about pumpkins. Be sure to ask your kiddo about our fun field trip!

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