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3rd Grade Malletts Bay School

We’ve Had a Great Start to Third Grade!

We decorated our writer’s notebooks for inspiration.


We enjoyed writing in the outdoor classroom!


We are learning about organisms and their properties in Science. We have explored pinecones, apples, monarchs and bulbs!



We’ve Had a Great First Month of School!

We had a great time decorating and sharing our writer’s notebooks.

We explored the Outdoor Classroom and spent time writing about it.

We have been learning about organisms and their properties by exploring apples, pinecones, bulbs and fruits in science class. We have sorted, compared and dissected a variety of fruits. Be sure to ask your child about these activities.

Winter Wonderland at MBS

Fun in the SNOW!

We’ve Got Spirit!

November in Room 193

Engineering Challenge– Seed Dispersal

Eggs Exploration – Ostrich, Duck, Chicken, Quail and Robin (ostrich and robin yolks were photos)

Writing and Recess are more fun with friends!

Map Walk

Fall Fun in Room 193

We’ve had a great start to the year!

The Outdoor Classroom

Seed Science

Indoor and Outdoor Recess

Skittle Fun!

Skittle Math and Science

We spent some time exploring skittles in math and science!

Mazza’s Field Trip

We had a fantastic trip to Mazza’s Pumpkin Patch!

Outdoor Classroom

Students spent some time in the outdoor classroom exploring and writing. We will visit the outdoor classroom periodically  throughout the year to observe changes in the garden over time.

Monarch Butterflies

Students enjoyed observing monarch caterpillars in science and recorded their changes over time. They watched the caterpillar eat and eat and eat and turn into its chrysalis and finally into a beautiful butterfly. We were lucky enough to watch both butterflies emerge from their chrysalis.  Be sure to ask your child about it.


It has been a great start to third grade!

The kiddos in room 193, now known as Mrs. Schroeder’s Wings of Fire have had a fantastic start to third grade! We are getting to know one another and are working to create a warm, welcoming and fun classroom community.  Please subscribe to the classroom blog so that you can see all of the fun things happening in room 193!

One of our morning meeting activities was apple picking right here at MBS!



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